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The correct way to use baby wipes


1. Wipe gently. The baby's skin is very delicate. Don't wipe it too hard to avoid hurting the baby's skin.


2. If the baby's skin has a wound, avoid the wound when wiping. When your baby's skin has swelling, pain, itching and other symptoms, you should also avoid using it and consult your doctor in time.


3. Do not touch the eyes, middle ear and mucous membranes. Although baby wipes have a higher safety factor than adult wipes, direct contact with some particularly sensitive and key parts, such as eyes, middle ears, and reproductive organs, should be avoided.


4. The wet wipes at home should be kept out of the baby's reach to prevent the baby from accidentally eating and dangerous.


5. Wet wipes cannot be reused after they expire. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life on the wet wipes packaging. Wet wipes must be used within the shelf life. The shelf life of baby wipes is generally about 2 years. If the time is too long, the moisture in the wet wipes will be lost and dried. The original function of the wipes.