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Features of high-quality wipes

Generally speaking, high-quality wet wipes use better spunlace non-woven fabrics, which are white in texture and free of impurities, while inferior wet wipes will have obvious impurities; in use, high-quality wipes will not fluff and have no side effects. Inferior wet wipes have obvious fluffing, irritating the skin and prone to itching.


High-quality wet wipes are hygienic, soft, and have good water retention characteristics. Put it on the nose and gently smell it, and you will smell a soft and elegant taste without any irritation, while inferior wet wipes have obvious irritating odor .


The pH value of high-quality wet wipes is weakly acidic, about 4.5-6.5, which is close to the pH value of human skin. If it is too high or too low, it may cause skin irritation and discomfort.


If the liquid content of the wet wipes is too small, it will feel dry, and if the liquid content is too high, it will feel too wet and inconvenient to use. The liquid content of high-quality wet wipes is about 80%, with moderate dryness and wetness, giving people a better experience.


The high-quality wet wipes do not contain alcohol, fluorescent agents, flavors, etc., are non-irritating to the skin, are mild in nature and have a light smell.

Especially for baby wipes, you must be careful not to use wet wipes with a strong fragrance and smell. The fragrance is added to it, and long-term use will stimulate the baby's skin.


The packaging of high-quality wet wipes has better sealing performance, and the packaging film used is food-grade, which is relatively hygienic and safe to use.


In short, when buying wet wipes, you should consider all aspects and don't just try to be cheap to avoid buying inferior products. Inferior products not only have a poor user experience, but may also affect or even damage the skin.