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Name:Moist toilet paper SM-0904
Model:SM-0904 ( OEM, ODM )
Trademark:Leaph ( OEM, ODM )
Application:Hip, hand
Material:Wood pulp
Wipe size:15×18cm
Shelf life:2 years
HS Code:3401199000

Product Description

Dry wipe is not easy to clean, moist wipe is hygienic; efficient sterilization, care for butt, and start a new healthy life.

Tested by a third-party laboratory, under the experimental conditions, the killing rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus can reach 99.9%.

SM-0904 40pcs 木浆无尘纸.jpg


          1, Materials: Spunlace nonwovens, Flushable spunlace, Bamboo fibric, wood pulp, cotton, customizable 

          2, Weight: 35-80GSM, customizable.

          3, Wipe size: 10*15cm, 15*18cm 15*20cm,18*18cm,18*20cm, etc., customizable

          4, Packing: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 80......120pcs/bag, etc., customizable

          5, Ingredients: Aloe vera, Vitam E, Lanolin, Chamomile, Honey, Cherry, Milk, Calendula, Tea oil, etc.,

                                  various of ingredients for your choice, customizable.

          6, Fragrance: Lemon, Mango, Green Tea, Herb, Lavender, etc., soft or fresh, various of fragrances are

                                 available, customizable.


                   02湿厕纸产品特点、应用场景 背景图.jpg


 绿色好孩子 EDI纯水.jpg


                      The subtlety highlights the quality 湿厕纸便携.jpg          



                  After use, please close the lid and label tightly to prevent water loss.

                   Please place it out of the reach of your baby

                 Store in a sanitary, cool and dry place, and avoid sun exposure.


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