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Name:Baby wipes BW-0101
Model:BW-0101 ( OEM, ODM )
Trademark:Ai Bei Xin Yu ( OEM, ODM )
Application:Hand, Mouth, Face, Body
Material:Spunlace nonwovens
Pattern:Plain ( Customizable )
Wipe size:15×20cm
Ingredients:Aloe vera, Vitam E
Fragrance:Fragrance free
Shelf life:2 years
HS Code:3401199000

Product Description

Soft and mild, skin-friendly moisturizing, cleans the baby's tender skin, and conveys mother's deepest love.06.jpg


          1, Materials: Spunlace nonwovens, Flushable spunlace, Bamboo fibric, wood pulp, cotton, customizable 

          2, Weight: 35-80GSM, customizable.

          3, Wipe size: 10*15cm, 15*18cm 15*20cm,18*18cm,18*20cm, etc., customizable

          4, Packing: 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 60, 80......120pcs/bag, etc., customizable

          5, Ingredients: Aloe vera, Vitam E, Lanolin, Chamomile, Honey, Cherry, Milk, Calendula, Tea oil, etc.,

                                  various of ingredients for your choice, customizable.

          6, Fragrance: Lemon, Mango, Green Tea, Herb, Lavender, etc., soft or fresh, various of fragrances are

                                 available, customizable.



      绿色好孩子 EDI纯水.jpg


                The subtlety highlights the quality





                  After use, please close the label and lid tightly to prevent water loss.

                  Please place it out of the reach of your baby

                  Store in a sanitary, cool and dry place, and avoid sun exposure.

                  Do not wipe damaged skin, stop using it immediately if feel unwell or allergic

                  This product is not flushable, please dispose the used wipes in trash

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